Monday, August 25, 2008

Ward Softball!

So on Saturday for our Singles Ward activity, we went to Art Dye and played Softball! :) It was a lot of fun! First, I met with the Activities Committee, and we got everything ready to go. We made Shish Kabobs! it took a while, and a couple things kept breaking while we tried putting them on the skewers, but it worked out well. We had an awesome time! That night it happened to be Rhett Smith in the ward's birthday! He turned 19, so that was pretty cool!

I did get hit by the softball three times!! They hurt but i will be alright. Actually, funny story. The first time i got hit, I was playing first base, and Devin was playing Pitcher. He went to throw me the ball, and i wasn't fast enough so it hit my arm, and bounced right in between my legs so i caught it anyways, and got the kid out on first! It was pretty awesome! :D good story to go along with a good bruise! So i had a lot of fun! I think it will totally be an awesome activity for anyone to have! highly recommend it!


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