Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Blog!!

Hey guys! anyone who follows me on this blog, i am actually going to be deleting it!

We now have a family blog, and so we changed our other blog as well.

our blog is now The Haws Family!

We would absolutely LOVE for you to follow us on that one instead!

Hurry and find it before i delete this one!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wisdom Teeth...YUCK! on Valentines!

So I found out, two weeks ago that i had a bunch of dental work to do before i get married, because I will be off of my parents insurance! So Yesterday, Friday the 13th, I got my Wisdom Teeth out! YUCK! It is very painful, and they have me on a bunch of medication. I haven't swollen too bad, which is good, i'm grateful i don't look like a chipmunk....and when i'm on the medication it doesn't hurt so bad. I just can't open my mouth very wide. And it stinks to eat food. Thankfully i will be able to eat solid foods tonight at dinner! I've been living off water, shakes, pudding, and jell-O since yesterday! :P and today just happens to be Valentines day, and i'm going to be in bed ALL day almost. I will hardly get to see Skylar today, if i do at all. He's working on our apartment this morning...and I would imagine that he will be doing that until the activity, which he has to be to tonight. So hopefully i'll get to see him tonight after the activity for a little bit. It also kind of stinks, cuz he is sick with a bad the same exact time. But I think that I am recovering pretty quickly! This upcoming Wed. the 18th, I have to get two fillings, and they have to shape my teeth for caps. Then on the 19th, I have a bridal shower, and the 21st I have my bridal pictures, and another bridal shower....Then on the 9th i get my caps onto my i'm hoping to recover from this whole thing quickly! :D Oh and thanks to my friends and family! they are awesome and take care of me so well! I love you all!

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