Monday, August 25, 2008

Skylar Haws :)

I just wanted to take the time to talk about Skylar! He is honestly one of the most caring, loving people that i know! We started dating a little over a month ago, and have "officially" been together for a little over a week now. So i just wanted to tell everyone how AWESOME he is! (and him as well!) He does so much for everyone! For the ward, and for his friends! He seriously is one of my biggest heros. Just wanted to tell him I love him and appreciate all that he does! :)

Ward Softball!

So on Saturday for our Singles Ward activity, we went to Art Dye and played Softball! :) It was a lot of fun! First, I met with the Activities Committee, and we got everything ready to go. We made Shish Kabobs! it took a while, and a couple things kept breaking while we tried putting them on the skewers, but it worked out well. We had an awesome time! That night it happened to be Rhett Smith in the ward's birthday! He turned 19, so that was pretty cool!

I did get hit by the softball three times!! They hurt but i will be alright. Actually, funny story. The first time i got hit, I was playing first base, and Devin was playing Pitcher. He went to throw me the ball, and i wasn't fast enough so it hit my arm, and bounced right in between my legs so i caught it anyways, and got the kid out on first! It was pretty awesome! :D good story to go along with a good bruise! So i had a lot of fun! I think it will totally be an awesome activity for anyone to have! highly recommend it!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunday/Family-ish BBQ!

So yesterday was Sunday! :D and it was actually a really good day for me! church was way good, very insightful! It was testimony meeting, and we were able to actually have one of the 70 in our Sacrament Meeting which was pretty cool! He had an awesome testimony! Then we got to learn about how to strenghten our testimonies in Relief Society which was a way good lesson! Props to Maggie Eyering! :D Then i got to hang out with my family and play games that night! Skylar Haws came along and hung out and got to meet my fun loving Uncle Adam and my Aunt Penny! Two of my favorite people in this whole world! they are so much fun to be around! Penny was about to die if she didn't get to meet Skylar soon, for some weird reason! haha i don't even know why, we haven't even been dating very long, and not super exclusively either! but it went AWESOME! they got along great all night, and we all just ate and played Apples to Apples and had a blast! it was way good! I was so glad that it went over smoothly! :D

Friday, August 1, 2008

Frustration at Bricktown

Work tonight was so beyond stressful! I can't even put into words how awful it really was! I work at Bricktown Pizzeria in Pleasant Grove. I get paid crap, and they don't give me enough hours, so i have been looking for a job but have hardly applied anywhere because i simply just don't have the time to look. But tonight i came in at 5 and everything was fine, until "T" (Theda [My Manager]) left me and Zach by ourselves! and of course the moment she leaves, we get swamped! at one point i had 8 orders and i was by myself because zach was on a delivery! Phew! it was bad! and to make it all better, nothing was ready, so i had to do everything inbetween EVERYTHING! AH! it was just crazy! then zach went home early! bummer! so i'm just by myself for an hour! oh well... time to find a new job i suppose...FAST!

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