Friday, October 31, 2008

Canyon! :D

So Me and Skylar went on a drive up the Alpine loop on Thursday night! It was so nice outside! We had been planning on going up for a few weeks but had never gotten around to doing it. But we finally got up there! There weren't as many colors on the trees anymore, (there may have been if we had gone up earlier when we had planned) but that was okay. It was still fun to just go up and take pictures, relax and talk for a while!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Multi-Stake Singles Halloween Dance!

Last night was the Young Single Adult Halloween Dance. Our Singles ward Activities Commitee was in charge of the whole thing. Some of us were stressing out a lot because we were pretty behind getting things set up, but it turned out just fine. It turned out to be way fun and a big success. Over 150 people came which was about all we expected, so it was way good! Everyone dressed up and just had a good time! It was awesome! :D

Monday, October 20, 2008

Friday Night Date Night!! --Hee Haws!! :D

So, this last Friday night (every Friday night is date night), Me and Skylar and Candace and Scott went to Hee Haws!! It was so much fun! we never really get to just go out places and do things. We went to the Haunted Corn maze. It wasn't the scariest thing i've ever been to but it was pretty jumpy haha. It was so much fun though! Just to be able to go and spend some time with Skylar! I miss just going out and doing fun things. I think this next Friday we are going to go Mini Golfing! YEAH! i'm pumped!! :D

Murder Mystery Dinner!! i have to admit... the whole acting thing wasn't as bad as I thought that it would be. I still will more than likely never act again, but it honestly turned out AWESOME! :D We had a turn out of 74 people (that includes 7 inactives, 2 non-members, and 3 dates)!!! We set a ward record for activity attendance! it was amazing! It really went well, and people enjoyed themselves! We had Wallaby's that catered the food too! so that was pretty cool! Anyways. It turned out awesome! I will definently post pictures when I get the chance!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Murder Mystery Rehearsal

So Wednesday, after an amazing Institute lesson, we had to practice for our "Murder Mystery Dinner" activity for this Saturday.  It was quite interesting.  I decided that after Saturday night i will never act EVER again! I am possibly the VERY WORST actress in the whole world! i can't decide why i even agreed to take the part.  My character is Chloe Cabot.  The enthusiastic journalist who is in love with the richest man in town.  It's interesting. I'm not sure i will be so hot acting.  During pratice, I swear I was the only bad one! Everyone else did awesome! but oh no...not me. Not even close....So...I'm never acting ever again. I am a very very lame actress! VERY!  Anyways.. just thought i'd share :D

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Slideshow

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