Friday, October 17, 2008

Murder Mystery Rehearsal

So Wednesday, after an amazing Institute lesson, we had to practice for our "Murder Mystery Dinner" activity for this Saturday.  It was quite interesting.  I decided that after Saturday night i will never act EVER again! I am possibly the VERY WORST actress in the whole world! i can't decide why i even agreed to take the part.  My character is Chloe Cabot.  The enthusiastic journalist who is in love with the richest man in town.  It's interesting. I'm not sure i will be so hot acting.  During pratice, I swear I was the only bad one! Everyone else did awesome! but oh no...not me. Not even close....So...I'm never acting ever again. I am a very very lame actress! VERY!  Anyways.. just thought i'd share :D


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