Monday, October 20, 2008

Friday Night Date Night!! --Hee Haws!! :D

So, this last Friday night (every Friday night is date night), Me and Skylar and Candace and Scott went to Hee Haws!! It was so much fun! we never really get to just go out places and do things. We went to the Haunted Corn maze. It wasn't the scariest thing i've ever been to but it was pretty jumpy haha. It was so much fun though! Just to be able to go and spend some time with Skylar! I miss just going out and doing fun things. I think this next Friday we are going to go Mini Golfing! YEAH! i'm pumped!! :D


onecent said...

FUN LIcia!!!! I am so very glad that you get to spend more fun time with Sky...that is so very important! I also enjoyed reading your blog! TOOOO very cute! ;)

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