Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wisdom Teeth...YUCK! on Valentines!

So I found out, two weeks ago that i had a bunch of dental work to do before i get married, because I will be off of my parents insurance! So Yesterday, Friday the 13th, I got my Wisdom Teeth out! YUCK! It is very painful, and they have me on a bunch of medication. I haven't swollen too bad, which is good, i'm grateful i don't look like a chipmunk....and when i'm on the medication it doesn't hurt so bad. I just can't open my mouth very wide. And it stinks to eat food. Thankfully i will be able to eat solid foods tonight at dinner! I've been living off water, shakes, pudding, and jell-O since yesterday! :P and today just happens to be Valentines day, and i'm going to be in bed ALL day almost. I will hardly get to see Skylar today, if i do at all. He's working on our apartment this morning...and I would imagine that he will be doing that until the activity, which he has to be to tonight. So hopefully i'll get to see him tonight after the activity for a little bit. It also kind of stinks, cuz he is sick with a bad the same exact time. But I think that I am recovering pretty quickly! This upcoming Wed. the 18th, I have to get two fillings, and they have to shape my teeth for caps. Then on the 19th, I have a bridal shower, and the 21st I have my bridal pictures, and another bridal shower....Then on the 9th i get my caps onto my i'm hoping to recover from this whole thing quickly! :D Oh and thanks to my friends and family! they are awesome and take care of me so well! I love you all!


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