Monday, November 24, 2008

Time to Catch Up!

So The Last couple weeks have been super crazy! I haven't really had time to sit down and write. We took Ethan to the hospital for his siezures and they are pretty sure that there is a part of his brain that wasn't developed right, and that is what is causing them. They are going up to Primary Childrens today to see a siezure specialist to see what they can do for him! :( Poor little kid! He hadn't had a siezure for a whole week and 2 days until this morning! He had another one and it just breaks my heart! The only way he can describe them is "OW!" Hopefully they can fix whatever needs to be done. But looking at the situation I feel so BLESSED! One of my closest friends in my Singles Ward was telling me the other night that her brother was going through the same thing but it's basically 10X worse than Ethan. He has been having them for almost a month straight and constantly....basically every day. And the same week that my brother was having them, her friend from work and her grandma passed away. I felt so humbled after she told me of her situation. It made me realize how blessed I truly was, and that it can always be worse than the situation that you are going through! I also feel so blessed that I had someone there! That we knew what the other person was going through and we can be there for each other through it! I hope that she is doing better. I haven't seen her for a week now. I hope her family is doing well! On a better note, Me and Skylar are doing very well! :D love you guys that read! Thanks for listening! :D


onecent said...

scary huh! It is always when you think that the worst has happened to you, that you realize you are really blessed.
love you!

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